Hydroxycut Review – Does This Weight Loss System Work?

It is so common for people to find out ways in which they can manage their weight so as to keep fit. Unfortunately, people want to go the easier way, yet they no longer practice good eating habits. This has made most dieters to go the medical way which may include food supplements that could manage their weight the most common being Hydroxycut which has been used for more than a decade. Ladies happen to be the greatest victims in weight loss practices as getting big is no longer fashionable. Men have also joined the group especially due to alcohol which deforms their bodies.

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Hydroxycut dietary supplements contain natural ingredients that may help you lose weight when combined with exercise and a balanced diet. It comes in different forms including caffeine – free and herbal versions so that you can choose a product that fits your specific weight loss goals. Hydroxycut is manufactured by Muscle Tech, which is a sports nutrition company that sells protein.

Who is Hydroxycut Made For?

Hydroxycut is a weight loss supplement that has been used for decades. In the last ten years, it was believed to have adverse side effects but has continued being tested to check on its effectiveness on human beings. Hydroxycut has been referred as a supplement because supplements and other related products are used to boost the nutritional content of the diet and others are for various purposes such as providing support for the immune system and reducing the risk of diseases and age-related conditions, others are used to improve mental activities and improve performance in athletes; you can also add the supplement to the diet to enhance overall energy and health. Most supplements, however, are not controlled as drugs and Hydroxycut is part of them.

Being overweight is associated with diseases and may lead to medical issues thus, doctors encourage people to keep fit by working out and eating healthy food thus most people end up using supplements such as Hydroxycut to lose weight and avoid diseases. Many people have used this supplement, and after a survey was done to test its significance, it was found that individuals were able to lose 10.95 lbs when taking low-calorie diet in 60 days and those who were using slightly reduced calorie diet in the same number of days lost 3.7 lbs.

Hydroxycut has also been proven to work for those who want to have a flat tummy which is a dream for all women with or without children. Nutritionists’ advice that no foods are unhealthy but the problem only comes in when you use the foods and especially the junks in excess. Examples of such junks may include; cheese, nuts, olive oil, egg yolks, bananas, pasta and bread, potatoes, avocado to mention but a few. You should take them in low quantities, but this does not mean you completely because they contain minerals that are important to the body and incase of any effects such as gaining weight, then Hydroxycut should be your friend.

The manufacturers of Hydroxycut claim that taking Hydroxycut will help people lose more weight than dieting alone and reduce body mass index (BMI).They put these claims due to some major ingredients in the supplement which include Lady’s mantle, wild olive, wild mint, and komijn. The manufacturers claimed that after using this supplement plus a calorie reduced diet, the average weight loss was 20.9ibs.

What is included in Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut is made in different makes such as pills, tablets, gummies and shakes. The most common ingredients are Wild Olive Extract (Olea europaea), Wild mint extract ( Vaccinium myrtillus), Lady’s mantle extract (Alchemilla vulgaris) and Komijn Extract ( Cuminum cyminum).It also contains Acerola fruit extract, Goji fruit extract, blueberry fruit extract, pomegranate fruit and seed extract, bilberry fruit extract and other ingredients. Hydroxycut also contains caffeine, vitamin C, calcium and some other minor ingredients. However, it is important to note that Hydroxycut has many products that have the same active ingredients and thus should also have similar side effects. Thus Hydroxycut is a blend of several ingredients that are supposed to lead to loss of weight.

The recommended dose is one caplet three times a day for three days and then two caplets three times a day. The label in the medication normally warns not to exceed two caplets in a four hour period and six caplets in a 24 hour period. It also normally warns not to take within five hours of bedtime and to be sure to consume eight to ten glasses of water per day.


Caffeine has the greatest effect among all the ingredients. It is believed that it can boost metabolism by 3 – 11% and enhance the burning of fat by about 10 – 29%. However, caffeine is only short term because prolonged use leads to tolerance. Thus this means that it is not a good weight loss remedy. For effective results with caffeine, you should consume reduced-calorie diet and exercise.

Wild Olive Extract ( Olea europaea)

This ingredient is an antioxidant that makes people feel more energized. It also believed to kill the HIV. Not much research has been done on this ingredient, but it has been reported to have side effects such as extreme fatigue, headache, muscle and joint ache and diarrhea.

Komijin extract

This ingredient has been seen to slightly decrease cholesterol levels, it is also believed to decrease plasma glucose levels thus, it can help in weight loss by interfering with glucose levels. The problem with interfering with glucose levels is that it will change the normal working of the pancreas and the liver.

Wild mint extract

This ingredient has not been seen to aid in weight loss but in a study done in EU, it was seen to decrease irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, it can also be used to reduce irritations caused by other ingredients.

Lady’s mantle extract

The research available was done eons ago, and it was said to GI disturbances, heal wounds, it was also believed to heal wounds thus having an antiseptic properties, treat PMS symptoms and vascular disorders as well as many other medical woes. However, when used in high doses, it causes liver failure.

Bilberry extract

This ingredient is high in vitamin C and antioxidants and is also believed to assist in various eye problems. It also aids in reducing blood glucose levels and assisting in weight loss.

Goji extract

This ingredient again has no proven weight lose properties but is an antioxidant.

Pomegranate extract

This is an ingredient that has been used in India for a very long time as a traditional medicine to treat dysentery and intestinal parasites this is made possible by the high levels of vitamin B and C. It, however, has no current use in weight loss and is not high in antioxidants.

Pros and Cons

Every supplement has its advantages and disadvantages and users react differently to medication. If you look around, for every person who compliments this supplement, you’ll come across others who don’t recommend anyone to use it. This is common with most weight loss supplements. At the end of the day, Hydroxycut may be useful in burning fat as long as you maintain good eating habits and exercising.


  • It does not contain any calorie content thus making it effective for weight loss
  • It contains leucine which is an amino acid that can be beneficial for supporting the growth of muscles and repair.
  • It contains caffeine which aids in suppressing appetite.
  • Hydrocut dietary supplement contains oleic acid a type of fatty acid in olive oil that is believed to aid in heart health.


  • Hydrocut can cause some side effects where most of them are associated with caffeine.
  • It causes insomnia
  • Other users complain of jitteriness
  • It causes anxiety
  • Other times it causes nausea
  • It causes diarrhea and other related symptoms.
  • It has even been reported to cause death

Review and Results

There is the need to look at the product regarding how genuine it may be in fulfilling the functions attributed to it, the taste and side effects to different individuals. Different customers have given their views concerning the product some of which are genuine while others are not. Different customers have different views towards the medication with some recommending it for having seen results and others condemning it for the diverse effects that they got from the dietary supplement. But as is for normal medication where side effects are normally common, the same is for supplements depending on various genetic makeups of individuals.

This product was first released to the market in the year 2002 but was later pulled from the market in the year 2009 due to extreme side effects that many customers complained about but since then the product has changed. Some individuals were found complaining that they experienced extreme insomnia with two sleepless nights while another user said that it assisted her in controlling and reducing her appetite. One user after a lot of suffering for three years trying to lose weight decided to consult his doctor after his blood pressure started to spike and the doctor did not solve his problem so after some consultation with friends he was advised to try Hydroxycut, and the results were just amazing, In less than 6 weeks, he was able to lose 20 pounds, he has also lost 5 pounds of his blood sugar and his blood pressure has turned to normal. He gave Hydroxycut a rating of 5 because it did not disappoint and he had not come across another product that was as promising as this one.

Another customer complained that the product made her sick and felt tired throughout, but when she stopped using it, she felt back to normal. Another user complained that after taking a whole bottle, she did not experience any changes yet felt so sick. Despite having negative responses from some users, others had something positive though few. One dieter said that she did not experience any side effects and was so pleased with the product. One customer was so grateful to have come across this product; he claims when he started using it, it was a bit hard because he could not sleep as he was used to but later got used to it. The better part is that with time, his appetite was suppressed which was a very great achievement for him and in addition to not eating much, he was now able to work out in the gym; he noted of having gained some extra energy.

Another user has reported losing 4-9 lbs in one week but this was also accompanied by taking low-calorie diet and working out, Hydroxycut amplified his results by helping him stick to his diet and giving him the energy to work the whole day without getting as tired as he used to get before. One lady testified of the dietary supplement enabling her to control her appetite which has enabled her to lose her weight; it also controlled her craving for sweet things and snacks which were her biggest problem. She has lost her body fats and lost 10 pounds in a very short time. From the customers’ views, it is clear that majority have had good results despite the mild side effects that are not common to many individuals.

In conclusion, this article provides information so that it may help you determine whether the product can work for you or not. It is also important and users are advised to consult a physician so that the suitability of using the product can be guaranteed to them not just by the physician merely observing them but actually carrying out some tests so as to get some actual results of how well they expect the supplement to work for them and also to avoid some of the side effects that are very severe.





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