GNC Total Lean Shake Review – Does This Shake Work?

Shakes happen to be one of the great ways to shed some excess body fat. They are used by individuals who intend to achieve weight loss goals as they are easy to make, come with a great taste, provide the body with nutrients that are easy to digest in the first place. When combined with good dietary habits and workout programs, this will create the necessary caloric deficit for weight loss in the end. 

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GNC Lean Shake is not an exception when it comes to helping you shed some weight. It has the right ratios of food nutrient required to lose weight. Additionally, it has gone  a long way into helping users stabilize their cholesterol levels, build leaner muscles while also lowering blood sugar levels. This is because the supplement come with some good amount of soluble fiber, making it rank highly in the Glycemic Index.

Its manufacturer, GNC, is a highly reputed company and has been in the market for over a decade. It’s known for its expertise in the food and nutrition industry, coming up with a number of its branded products. They include bars, powder, shakes that give users a chance to slim down and lose weight without hurting the body.gnc-total-lean-shake-ingredients

Understanding about GNC Total Lean Shake

GNC Lean Shakes come in different flavors. For example, there is the Chocolate peanut butter, Cookies & Cream, and French vanilla. There are a standard number of ingredients used in this shakes for example milk protein concentrate, nonfat dry milk, creamer, natural and flavors, sucralose, acesulfame potassium and a vitamin and mineral blend.

Irrespective of the flavor, these shakes are used in place of meals. According to the product’s official page, it is advisable to drink the shakes, twice daily. Each serving guarantees users of up to 180 calories, eight grams of fiber and nine grams of protein. When used on a daily basis, GNC Lean Shakes go a long way to supporting weight-loss. The good is that busy individuals, who are always on the go, can use them.

Key Ingredients in the Shakes

Vitamins and Minerals

Part of a healthy and balanced diet in this supplement is the 21 different vitamins and minerals. They are vitamin E, protects against neurological disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Thiamin promotes a healthy nervous system and cardiovascular system. Niacin and chromium boost amounts of good cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels in the blood respectively. Vitamin B6 helps the health of heart, liver, eyes, skin and hair. Vitamin B12 and zinc helps the immune system, boosts energy, great for skin health. Calcium is great for bone health while iron increases energy and fights anemia. Magnesium comes in to prevent coronary heart disease and insulin resistance. Selenium helps in reducing inflammation and protects against prostate cancer in men. Potassium helps promote bone and muscle health and keeps blood pressure in check.

High-Quality Protein

There are three types of protein used in the making of this supplement. They are milk, whey isolate, and whey protein. This blend of proteins is of high quality. For example, whey protein is essentially just part of milk and cheese production. In this supplement it can be broken down into three different forms; concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysates, which have minimal, fat content. They are also low in both lactose and cholesterol. This high amount of protein keeps you fuller for lengthy periods allowing your body to burn its existing fat stores instead of burning off what you have just eaten. Through this, fat content in your body is reduced, especially in areas such as the stomach and thighs.


GNC combines a number of dietary and soluble fiber, with hunger blocking power. With a total of 8 grams of fiber per serving, this does a good job of maintaining the feeling of being full. However, this is dependent on the daily physical activities dieters engage in. GNC features a blend of patented fiber-rich blend also known as the carb blend that increases your feeling of fullness and satiety, so making it a quality appetite suppressant as you wait longer for meals.

The carb blend has carrageenan, maltodextrin, xanthan gum, cellulose gum, oat bran and resistant starch. Much of these fibers are naturally occurring and offer a powerful soluble fiber found extracted from oat bran that supports normal, healthy blood glucose levels, especially when consuming high-glycemic carbohydrate food such as pastries, bread or pasta.

Price, Ordering, and Buying

Bear in mind that the company offers cheaper prices for its gold members. In addition, they enjoy auto shipping to their destinations as well as get discounts for purchasing more than two shakes in the first place. It is also simple to subscribe to the membership program. You only have to;

  • Choose the item you would like to receive recurring shipments.
  • Select the “Subscribe” option on the product page or in your shopping cart.
  • Select the frequency of delivery of each item can have different frequencies.
  • Complete standard “Check Out” process and you are good to go.

These products can also be found on other online retail sites such as Amazon, among many others. Prices and shipping cost and estimates may differ from site to site.


  • • Provides quick absorption of proteins- The shakes are digested more quickly compared to solid foods.
  • • It is convenient- It is easy to prepare as well as to carry around, hence can be used by those who find themselves busy.    
  • • An excellent source of low calories- A protein supplement with milk can be a quick source of non-super filling source of kcals.
  • • There are clinical tests supporting the idea that it really works, from the product’s official page.


  • • It is expensive
  • • There can be unpleasant stuff in there. For example, artificial sweetener, for example, dextrose, which is sugar which, is not healthy.
  • • A source of added calories- When you are trying to lose weight, staving off hunger is a huge help, rather than adding calories to your body.gnc-total-lean-shake-side-effects

Reviews and Results

Duration for the Supplement to Work

To begin with, this is dependent on the type of food you are taking. In addition to taking the shakes, it is important to observe good dietary habits. A good workout program also goes a long way into producing excellent results. While you may feel the effects of a pre-workout within 30 minutes, you should expect to wait six to eight weeks before you start to get optimum results from your multivitamin.

Remember your body’s reaction may be different to that of another dieter. You may have to wait for at least two weeks to see noticeable results. You may even start a new fitness routine or change up your supplement regimen, patience often pays off.

Does GNC Total Shake Contain Fat?

Yes and is mostly derived from the proteins in this supplement. The body actually needs some fat in order to stay healthy, even when we are intending to lose weight. So, going low fat or no fat diet, is not the best thing you can do for weight loss and fat loss.

They help you feel full and stay fuller longer. This also makes GNC Total Shakes healthy for vegans. You can also re-introduce the good fats into your body from foods peanut butter, avocados, and ghee.


Numerous complaints have surfaced about the lack of consistency in this supplement. Some customers even complained of a gritty and chalky aftertaste in the mouth after taking this supplement.

More fundamentally, sugar is bad for weight loss and this shake has 4 grams. Moreover, it uses the controversial ingredient sucralose, making it very sweet and not so healthy, to say the least, but good tasting in the end.

Appetite Suppressant?

GNC Shakes are clinically tested and they are reputed to help in suppressing appetite and curbing cravings. This is because the blend of fiber-rich carbs helps in giving the body some good supply of fiber for digestive health. Countless review on online retailers like Amazon shows that this shake suppresses hunger either before or after a workout.

GNC Total Lean Shakes does its job well, leaving most consumer full for 2-3 hours. It is a good mid-range considering the average of is 2-4 hours. However, studies indicate that those engaging in tough physical activities on a daily basis do not stay fuller for long as the rate of metabolism is increased even after using GNC Shakes.

Directions for Use

  • Add two scoops (46.2 grams) to 8 fl. oz. of cold water.
  • Mix well and enjoy 30 minutes prior to exercise.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.


  • Consult your physician prior to using this product.
  • Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication or have a medical condition.
  • Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.

Positive Reviews

  • “Great for breakfast meal replacement” – This client tried this supplement with dairy milk, did not get a great taste. After trying it with almond milk, it was amazing, especially when consumed in the morning. When ice is added, then the mixture is blended, it tasted like a milkshake. He lost 6 pounds in a week. He is now on the second week now!
  • “Excellent for weight loss”- He used it twice daily and lost approximately 10 pounds in two weeks. He plans to keep using it to maintain his weight loss program.
  • “Yummy and Healthy”- She uses it to help her lose weight as it is a good, healthy meal replacement for breakfast. It has a lot of vitamins and fiber. With about 180 calories per serving, this is enough to keep her full for several hours.
  • “Great flavor and taste”- Keeps me from getting super hungry for good 2-3 hours. For any protein powders, I would definitely recommend a blender bottle and completely mix it up.

Negative Positive

  • High price- A downside to GNC Shakes is that they are highly priced. Recall that we calculate the monthly cost per shake.
  • Chalky Taste- While some loved this taste, many complained of a chalky after taste in lighter colored flavors, for example in vanilla shakes. Some consumers claimed that two scoops were not enough to offer a good thickness
  • Consumers who were highly physically active complained of their “full” feeling fading only after about an hour or two, much less than what the manufacturer claims.

Final Verdict

Those who practice good dietary habits and workouts are sure to attest that this supplement is a good weight loss shake.  From research on prices, GNC Total Lean maybe the best option for someone who intend to get fit a small budget. The shakes ability to blend well with water and offer a good consistency seemed to be enjoyed by most consumers.


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