Focus Factor Review – Does This Memory Supplement Work?

In our day to day lives, we are often faced with a lot of challenges that may affect our brains, therefore, affecting its functioning as well as alertness. Some may not be even due to pressure as we have some children who may be of tender age but in one way or another their brain is not functioning effectively. In such as case, you cannot cease to get more and more of focus factor.

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Who Is Focus Factor Made For?

Focus factor is not in any way a medication for any ailment. Instead, it is a brain supplement which has been designed to support the brain function and helps the brain to be more efficient. The products popularity could be attributed to its manufacturers as Factor Nutrition Lab happens to be one of the leading brands of nutritional supplements. The manufacturer has come up with focus factor for children and that of adults.

Focus Factor for KidsFocus Factor For Kids

This is a brain supplement for children and is not intended to diagnose, prevent cure or be used as a treatment for any of the children’s brain complications. The supplement is a healthy blend of vitamins and nutrients, naturally flavored with unrefined sugars and helps in the children’s brain and nervous system function. The supplement can be used by the children of four years and above. Such children should have two wafers per day with food. The supplement is contained in a white bottle and a green lid.

Focus Factor for Adults

This is healthy brain supplement that has been clinically tested to improve memory, focus, and concentration. The pack contains sixty tablets and has a blue bottle and a black lid. This supplement can improve the concentration and focus of the individuals especially the older people. Just as the other parts of the body, the brain of an old person also needs nutrients in order to perform its functions regardless of the problems that come along with old age.

What Is Focus Factor Made Of?

Focus factor both for children and that of adults are made up of very many ingredients. Of the many ingredients, there are some which are vital in the improvement of the brain’s health in the sense that they improve on the clarity and removal of the mental distractions of the brain and through this, the functioning of the brain is enhanced. These ingredients are classified as omega-3 oils, minerals, botanical herbs and extracts, and vitamins. The following is the full list of the ingredients and their functions in improving the functioning of the brain;

Vitamin A

This is a fat-soluble vitamin that acts as a very powerful antioxidant. This is a carrier of retinoid acid which is a potent signaling molecule in the brains of growing individuals. The dietary supplements rich in vitamin A helps in improving learning and memory in different individuals.

Vitamin C

This is a very important vitamin as far as a healthy brain is concerned. The vitamin plays a key role in the neurotransmitters production as they impact on the ability to focus, concentrate and remember, the vitamin also improves on IQ, reduces brain degeneration, protects the brain against free radical damage, improves the blood flow in the brain, plays a vital role in heavy metal detoxification, and lastly the vitamin protects the neuro-receptors which act as brakes thus controlling the release of glutamate.

Vitamin D

this is another important vitamin related to a healthy brain, the low levels of this vitamin may lead to cognitive impairment and other mental disorders.

Vitamin EFocus Factor Supplement Facts

Vitamin E Works as a very strong antioxidant. Some people use this vitamin to treat diabetes and its complications as well as diseases of the brain and nervous systems such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The vitamin is also used for muscle strength and general health.


This is also an ingredient that is very important as far as the effectiveness of focus factor is concerned. The ingredient contributes a great deal to the maintenance of a healthy brain and nerve activity.

 Vitamin B6, B12, and Folic acid

All of these vitamins play a very important role in cellular metabolism, DNA repair, and blood glucose levels. They also enhance the production of various neurotransmitters and hormones within the brain. All three of these vitamins are considered to be essential for overall brain health and are often taken on their own as powerful neurotic supplements.


This is a mineral that reinforces the strength of the blood-brain barrier and reduces the transmission of heavy metals into the brain.


This mineral helps in the raising of melatonin levels and this yields to a healthy sleep and natural sleeping cycles.


The mineral prevents hypothyroidism and is still used in the production of various thyroid hormones thus making the cells in the body to grow.


This impacts on an anti-stress state and protects the brain against heavy metals.


This mineral raises the level serotonin in the brain thus improving our mood and even treating depression.

Manganese and copper

These two minerals indirectly reduce free radical levels in the brain as well as providing anti-aging effects throughout the body and the brain.


This is an extract of Bacopa monnieri which help in memory-boosting and brain health

The Bilberry fruit extract

The very first benefit of this fruit is the fact that it can help in the production of high levels of antioxidants which are one of the key ingredients in focus factor.

Grape skin extract and activin

The two ingredients may have very closely related results. They both contain antioxidants like anthocyanins and resveratrol. Grape skin and seeds are also thought to have very powerful anti-aging effects. There is even a very recent research that has claimed the ability of the grape extracts to reduce the damage that may cause by Alzheimer’s as well as improving the general cognitive ability. It can also be used as a remedy for wrinkles in the face.

Vinpocetinee is also another important ingredient that plays a very critical role in cognitive functioning. Clinically speaking, the ingredient is semi-synthetic derived from vincamine which is said to be a primary phytochemical and phytochemicals contribute a great deal to the cellular growth and energy.


This is yet another ingredient with more powerful effects on the brain. It improves overall memory, cognition, and neuroprotectivity and has also been studied as a cure for Alzheimer’s, and also has proven to hold in reducing brain degeneration.


In Focus Factor, this ingredient acts as a precursor for choline and, by extension, acetylcholine.which are said to be brain’s primary memory-forming neurotransmitters.


This is a non-essential amino acid which enhances cellular energy. It also helps the body builders in seeking cognitive benefits.

 L-Pyroglutamic Acid

This is an ingredient where little research has been done and can be said to have some significance in improving memory.


This is often classified as brain food which is made from amino acids. It is said to have high levels of dopamine and acetylcholine which enhances the use of glucose in the brain cells, boosting the mood, cognition, and focus.

Docosahexaenoic Acid 

This is a fatty acid which enhances the growth of new brain cells and eases the damaging effects of free radicals in the brain.


This is a carbohydrate and thus it gives your body energy. Different researchers have claimed that the ingredient may have a positive effect on the brain and even some doctors use it for the treatment of psychological conditions.Focus Factor Side Effects

Gamma-Amino butyric Acid 

This ingredient is the brain’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter. As it is well known, it is the neurotransmitter which is the most responsible for a relaxed state of mind. It helps reduce stress and enhances a natural sleep cycle.

Focus Factor Prices

This product can be bought from amazon. The product can also be bought from other online sellers and its prices vary depending on where one is buying it. The product cannot be ordered directly from the website and still is worth noting that the company does not offer a money back guarantee.

Focus Factor Pro And Cons

This is just like any other supplement which is fond of having both the benefits and the issues. The following are the pros and cons.


  • The product helps in improving the memory, concentration and focus for those who consistently consumed the product.
  • The ingredients of the product have been well researched on and most of their benefits are well known and documented.
  • Focus factor is naturally made and is free from any preservatives and other harmful additives.
  • Some online sellers give free sampling for this product and this means a consumer can first test if the product will work out for them before doing the actual buying.
  • Focus factor can easily be taken even with food and there have been no noted complications.
  • The product contains a lot of vitamins and minerals which not only helps towards a healthy brain but also helps a great deal in general health.


  • The product only addresses the surface issues concerning the memory as it is not used for the treatment of the underlying problems.
  • The product may not be affordable to some of the people who critically need it.
  • Some consumers have reported some critical side effects such as stomach and gastric upset ones they take the product.
  • This product may yield less quantifiable results to most of the clients.
  • There are no direct transactions with the manufacturer as the product cannot be ordered directly from the website.
  • There is no money order guarantee from the company and this only means if the product does not work out for most of the consumers then they will not be eligible to any form of refund thus may end up losing their money.

Results and Reviews

Some of the clients have noted that they have developed clarity of mind since they started using the product. The client also noted that he had started experiencing peripheral blindness and wondered if the supplement could have contributed in this or was just a coincidence.

Another client noted that her son had suffered a stroke due to sickle cell and could not remember anything. To her surprise, the supplement worked for her son and he started remembering a thing and remained more focused. The boy is now in school and all the mother says is that patience is crucial in realizing the results of any product.Focus Factor Result

Another noted that he had tried out different brain supplements as he always used to feel as if his brain has fog and could not remember anything. After trying out focus factor, it really worked and he was even in a position to enroll in the nursing school at the age of 45 and even up to now he feels focus factor works best for him.

A number of clients have also noted that focus factor not only gives the clarity of mind and focus but has also played a very important role in boosting their attitude, confidence and mood within the first three weeks and still hopes for better results in the future.

A parent also noted that they had been desperate for anything that would help their autistic four years son and was at the point of breaking when the behavior of their son continuously worsened. At this point, they decided to try out focus factor and this has really improved the behavior of their son. They even wish they had tried the supplement early enough. The boy is more compliant and focused in school.

In conclusion, it is important that to note that this is a supplement ant not a treatment for the brain. Before taking the supplement it is very important to consult your physician as this is the only way to know the product that will work best for you and still avoid some critical side effects.


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