FitMiss Burn Review – Does This Fat Burning System Work?

Weight management is not gendered specific but naturally speaking most women are bothered a lot with their weight which may not be the case with men. This could have been the reason why MusclePharm Corporation was inspired to come up with this brand. This is a diet pill aimed at women. The argument was maybe attributed to its name and the pink bottle as well as the small logo.

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Who Is Fitmiss Burn Made For?

It may be hard to conclude for whom the supplement is made for as weight loss, and dieting is not gender specific. Judging from the brand’s name, the choice of the bottle color and the jaunty logo, one would clearly conclude that the supplement is made for women. However, there is no any ingredient that makes the supplement limited to women as weight loss is not gendered sensitive as noted earlier. The diet pill should be used by the adults above the age of eighteen. However, one should not enroll in this kind of diet if;

  • Pregnant or expecting to be pregnant or even nursing a baby
  • One should also not take the diet pill if they have a heart condition or suffer from the high blood pressure
  • This diet should also not be taken with alcohol
  • The dieter should also not take this supplement with caffeine and any other ingredient that has stimulant effects.

One should also consult a physician before taking this diet pill, and if one is buying over the counter, they should not take it for more than eight

What Is Fitmiss Burn Made Off?

Fitmiss happens to be a diet pill that has different stages and in each of the six stages, one has to experience a different kind of ingredient. The Fitmiss blend contains approximately 1449.99mg of active ingredients. However, because it is a trademarked blend, we are unable to see the quantities of these ingredients. According to the Fitmiss burn information, the most principle ingredient is caffeine. In this article, we are going to look at the ingredients found in every stage;

Stage 1 and 2 is mainly energy and focus complex

The following are some of the ingredients that perfectly suit the stage

Guarana seed extract

This is a Brazilian seed which contains a lot of coffee and coffee bean which help a lot in energy generation.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This happens to be the world’s popular stimulant. This may help a lot in increasing the speed of the metabolism until the body becomes more accustomed to the effects of the diet.

Pyroglutamic acid

This is a branched chain amino acid that may cause the blood sugar levels to reduce. The ingredient may cause so bits of a headache.

Green tea extract

This is very powerful and rich antioxidants and can also help in promoting thermogenesis.


The ingredient is derived from papaya and can also be used as a treatment for shingles. However, there is no proven evidence that the ingredient can have any impact on weight loss.

Yerba mate

This ingredient contains a lot of caffeine and gives a stimulant effect when used in this supplement at the first and the second stage.

Yohimbine HCL

This is yet another stimulant and an important ingredient. The ingredient can be equally dangerous as just small amounts of the ingredient can raise the blood pressure.

Stage 3; this stage mainly deals with the appetite reduction and fat and fat metabolizes. The following are some of the ingredients found in this stage;


The ingredient swells up in the stomach and creates the feeling of satiety. This ingredient can be dangerous as it may have a choking risk.

Raspberry ketones

This ingredient is very important as it makes it very effective for one to lose weight if taken in good quantity.

Guar gum

Naturally speaking, one can only manage their weight if they reduce the rate at which they snack. This is a natural laxative that expands in the intestines and can create feelings of fullness thus reducing cravings.

Saw palmetto

This happens to be an herbal remedy that is used to effectively treat urinary and prostrate problems.

Alpha lipoic acid

This is one of the active antioxidant found in the body. When this is taken as a supplement, one can reduce the blood sugars as well as getting rid of free radicals found in the body.

Gymnema Sylvester

This is an herbal remedy that has been widely used in India while treating diabetes cases. Research clearly shows that the ingredient helps a lot in reducing the taste of sugar. This may not be of the great essence when used in this phase.


This ingredient is believed to play a key role in increasing stamina though the claim has yet not been proven. The ingredient may have a lot of negative impacts on any dieter who may be having a heart condition.

Banaba extract

This plant extract may not have been tested, but it is thought to reduce the sugar levels which may play a very important role in this phase.

White kidney bean

This is an excellent ingredient which is very essential in this phase as it promotes a feeling of fullness thus used as a remedy for cravings.

Stage 4 deals with anti-stress alleviating and mood balancing

At this stage, all that is needed is a herb that alleviates stress and stabilizes the mood. Some of the possible ingredients may include; Turmeric, Panax ginseng root, 5-HTP whose role is to increase the level of serotonin if taken in good quantities, Echinacea which helps in the prevention of common cold, garlic, wood betony and astragalus.

Stage 5; can be referred as the water shed diuretic, the stage has a lot of ingredients which enables the dieter to urinate a lot so as to help in losing water weight and this may cause dehydration if one is not careful enough. Some of the ingredients that perfectly works in this stage may include; uva ursi, dandelion and potassium aspartate.

Stage 6 is the last but an essential stage as this is where the nutrients absorption is enhanced. The stage is termed as enzymatic Matrix, and this helps in the breakdown of some of the foods such as carbs, dairy, and vegetables without any side effects. The ingredients incorporated in this stage may include; DigeSEB, HemiSEB, and peptide.

In addition to all these ingredients, the supplement also has niacin, Pantothenic acid, magnesium, zinc, and chromium which work hand in hand with other ingredients at all the stages.

Fitmiss Pricing

Fitmiss can be bought from online shops, if one is living in the USA, Fitmiss supplements maybe on the shelves of the local Walmart. However the product can be bought directly from the company’s website although the company does not sell the products worldwide, for instance, a Fit Miss Burnconsumer from the UK cannot be able to directly get Fitmiss burn. The best place for one to buy Fitmiss burn is from Amazon as one will get the product at the minimum price possible and will also be in a position of reading all the consumers genuine reviews before making up their mind on whether to buy the product or not. Some of the Amazon vendors even offer a money back guarantee. The company’s supplements are available directly to customers all over the world through the retailers. Consumers should also note that the company does not offer the money back guarantee.

Fitmiss Burn Pros and Cons


  • There are a lot of Fitmiss reviews online
  • The diuretics help in reducing water retention thus preventing the bloated look
  • Each bottle contains forty-five servings instead of the usual thirty
  • The supplement helps in weight management
  • The ingredients found in the supplement helps in the general body health


  • The company does not give money back guarantee, and this makes it hard for some of the consumers as they fear to buy a supplement that would maybe not work for them and they will have to bury their money in the toilet.
  • Some of the Fitmiss reviews suggested mild side effects for the first earlier days
  • The manufacturer has not given a clear outline of the supplement as the company talks of six stages fat loss system, yet they give a provision of only one tablet.
  • The supplement is a carrier of too many ingredients that can easily increase the chances of some negative side effects.
  • The secret behind weight loss is ensuring that one does not take a lot of calories and that they should not over eat, and therefore one does not need the supplement
  • This is not a miracle pill but rather has to be combined with a lot of exercises and healthy diet.
  • Fitmiss and some other related fat burn supplements should only be taken by the adults above the age of eighteen and older
  • Whenever one takes a supplement, they are putting their body under strain thus the body can function healthiest only when one takes the supplement.

Fitmiss Review and Results

Various customers have given their views concerning this supplement, and naturally, people react differently towards various medications and this being a form of medication, then the reaction to users will be different. Some users have given positive feedbacks while others have given negative feedbacks.

One user claims to have shed from 152 lbs in January to 135lbs in April, but this was accompanied with clean eating and taking lots of water but could not work alone since he had to visit the gym severally. He thus described it as being very effective and would recommend people who want to cut weight to continue using it. However, another user said that he could not recommend using it again as it had not assisted him in losing any weight and suppressing his appetite. This could have been so since he had not incorporated a good diet and exercise.

Another user was so excited with the results, as per her explanation, in two days she was able to lose 4 pounds and 3 inches off her stomach but this was not the diet pill as she was also working out. This is quite opposing as another dieter claims that she cannot recommend the fat burner as she used it for over five weeks and could not notice any change, in the sixth week, she decided to merge the pill with some good dieting habits and a lot of exercises but still bore no results. One even noted that hers was a great disappointment as she enrolled into this fat burn and as far as the sixth week she had gained some weight in spite of her healthy eating and a lot of exercises.

Most of the clients have noted that the diet pill is really good for them, but the problem comes in when they cannot be able to take as much water as it has been recommended. Ones they don’t get to the required water levels they suffer dehydration and constipation. For those who have been able to follow the requirements, the fat burn has worked for them, and there are some who have even planned to prescribe to a monthly Fitmiss burn plan.

All said and done; it is so clear that the supplements ingredients are very important in the general body health as well as in the weight loss. However, if the supplement is not taken carefully, then one may end up having prolonged negative effects. For one to avoid this, it is important not to blindly rely on the customer reviews but still consult a specialist on the perfect fat burn that would work for you.

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