Amberen Review – Does This Health Supplement Work?

Aging can both cause joy and anxiety as it does to most women at the menopausal age. As most women celebrate their 40th birthday, some start worrying about the changes that may come with menopause and they cannot stand the pressure. Weight gain, hot flashes, fatigue, low energy levels and low libido are some of the signs that come with this age. This does not mean that a woman should stop enjoying her life as before. This could be the inspiration to Lunada Biomedical to come up with this supplement just to ensure that women in this phase have a new outlook on life.  Only two capsules per day required and all these issues are relieved.

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Who Is Amberen Made For?

Each supplement has its target group. This is mainly judged from the ingredients used or the functions that the supplement is intended to fulfill. Most supplements do not have a gender or age limit as to who should take but Amberen is exceptional. From its intended functions, we do not expect a young girl or a man of any age to take the supplement.  Amberen is mainly known for its ability to treat menopausal symptoms, and thus, we expect that it is mainly made for women at either pre-menopause, menopause or post-menopause phases. The ingredients have a noticeable way of communicating with the hormone producing glands as menopause is all about hormones, and thus, this makes the supplement effective. The supplement also has other ingredients that may help in the general health of such a woman.

What Is Amberen Made Of?

Before taking any supplement or medication, most people will always find out on the active ingredients. This is because the ingredients play a great role in meeting the roles of the supplement. One may also need to know about the ingredients as this is the only way to ensure that they are not taking something they may be allergic to. Amberen ingredients are listed on the supplement’s label, but, their details may not be included; so, there is need to look at them in a deeper manner.  Amberen ingredients that make it so effective are some salts as well as other ingredients. These include;

Calcium Disuccinate

This is an excellence source of calcium that is easily absorbed. Calcium is crucial in regulating myocardial contractility and the formation and development of bone tissues.  This helps in the curbing of osteoporosis which is a very common issue experienced by women at the menopausal age.

Ammonium Succinate

This is a key ingredient and has some functions in as far as the effectiveness of this supplement is concerned. It helps in improving the blood flow and stabilizing mitochondrial activity which reduces free radical damage in the body. It is also a succinate anion that penetrates the biological membranes quickly functioning as signaling molecules and a metabolic substrate. The ingredient also activates the sympathetic function of both the peripheral and the central nervous system to bring into normality the functions of the hypothalamus. The ingredient also regulates the endocrine system and thus normalizing hormone production.

Monosodium L-Glutamate

This is a kind of amino salts that acts as a neuro trance. The salt helps in the regulation of acids which may react with a transmitter. It also helps in the regulation of chemical reactions of transamination. The ingredient should, however, be used in small amounts as it may be harmful if used in large quantities. The main reason for having included it in the formation of Amberen is to make sure that it improves the performance of mitochondrial benzodiazepine receptors in the peripheral tissues of the body. This also plays a great role in stabilizing the body’s energy status.


This amino acid plays a very important role in the regulation of brain cells activity. When combined with magnesium, it makes the brain mitochondrion more resistant to hypoxia so as to give room for the normalization of psycho-emotional balance which is a very common challenge to menopausal women.

Magnesium Disuccinate Hydrate

It gives room for easily absorbed magnesium. The easily absorbed magnesium is important in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. It also helps in the regulation and inhibition of the central and peripheral receptors and works closely with Glycine in making the brain mitochondrion more resistance to hypoxia.

Zinc Difumarate Hydrate

The ingredient works towards providing the body with adequate zinc and fumarate which play a very important role in improving energy metabolism. The ingredient also works in bringing into normality the fats and carbohydrates. The increased metabolism and normalized fats and carbohydrates help in dealing with weight gain which is a very common and problematic sign of menopause.

Tocopherol Acetate

This is a form of vitamin E. the ingredient is fat -soluble, a potent and natural antioxidant that is very crucial in preventing lipid peroxidation of the cell membrane. The ingredient also helps in stabilizing membrane structures and protecting them from free radicals so as to prevent negatively affecting normal hormone production.

Amberen Pros and Cons

Supplements have both the positive and negative impacts on the individuals who use them. These effects are as a result of the ingredients used in the making of the supplement and also largely because of the fact that most individuals react differently to this supplements. While considering Amberen as your wholesome solution to the nasty and disturbing menopausal symptoms, it is very important to consider the following pros and cons.


  • Amberen has been reported to be the most helpful supplement in reducing menopausal symptoms. These symptoms can make a woman hate her life or even lead to some other related ailments if not dealt with.
  • Amberen has a lot of positive testimonials from the doctors. When doctors and other specialists feel safe about a supplement to the extent that they prescribe it, then it means the supplement has proved to be the best. This happens to be the case with Amberen.
  • Amberen contains naturally made ingredients and thus it is a hundred percent natural.Nothing less or more thus making it a safe product to consider.
  • The company acknowledges that supplements work differently for different customers and thus looks for ways of compensating those that feel that it is not effective. The supplement comes with a thirty-day risk-free trial. This is intended to give room for those clients who feel that the supplement does not work to their expectations within the first thirty days to return the unopened months of the ninety- day package and receive a complete refund.
  • The supplement has a lot of natural ingredients which not only help in relieving menopausal symptoms but also in the general health of menopausal women
  • The supplement has a lot of customer reviews, and some women have reported on the effectiveness of this supplement in improving their life sex experience.
  • Amberen is affordable and thus can be accessed easily.


  • Some of the customers claim to have used the supplement for over ninety days before seeing any minute result. The supplement also requires the women to use it permanently and this maybe out of reach for most women.
  • Amberen does not contain black cohosh, and this has been reported by many doctors as a great drawback.
  • There are false claims by the company that Amberen has been studied clinically for over thirty years, yet only specific ingredients were tested for over the past thirty years, and the whole package of the supplement has only been studied for roughly eleven years.
  • People ought to be more careful before considering the supplement as the clinical trials have not included menopausal women with hormone-receptive cancers and thus it is not clear if it would work for them.
  • Amberen uses the proprietary blend, and therefore ingredients amounts have not been disclosed.
  • The company claims that the supplement is capable of dealing with weight loss and belly fat, but this is yet to be proved clinically.
  • Amberen contains monosodium glutamate which is much worrying to most consumers.
  • Some customers have reported cases of rashes and hives, headaches and lack of sleep after taking Amberen.

Amberen Prices

The price of every supplement is very important as this is what mainly determines whether the target customers will be able to buy it or not. Most customers want a perfect value for their money, and thus they need to know the effectiveness of the supplement before committing to it. The supplement should also be in the same range with the competitors as this is one way of justifying the price.

Amberen Reviews and Results

Every supplement, medication or any other product is best judged from the consumers’ views. Though some customers may be biased, taking some time analyzing the responses will make you can be able to judge appropriately. Amberen has mixed consumers feelings, and this qualifies it as a supplement and as a supplement, it cannot be good to all or bad to all. At some point, we must have positive and negative reviews.

The evidence is high showing that Amberen can relief menopausal symptoms as most women have noted. Some of the doctors have also recorded positive reviews. A woman noted that she has taken the supplement for over four years and cannot go a day without it. She claims that she enjoys a good night sleep which is sweat free and has more energy.

The humorous review is that of a teenage girl who talks about how she had a tough time trying to understand her mother who is in her menopause. Hot flashes and mood swings were so intense that nobody could put up with her. After checking online, she saw Amberen advertisements and reviews and recommended it to her mother. After five years her mother was changed, and her mom gets along with her easily.

Despite the positive reviews, some customers have reported cases of headaches. Others have noted that the hot flashes were controlled, but the libido was not booster at all instead she hated her sex experience more.

Another customer notes that after years of battling with hormone related skin issues and increased difficulties managing her weight, a doctor recommended Amberen for her. She didn’t take it immediately but was convinced that it would work because of the numerous online customer reviews. On the contrary, she noted that she had developed persistent insomnia, her weight spiked, and the stomach midsection enlarged and developed some cysts along her jaw line. She feels that she damaged her metabolism. To her, the thirty-day money back guarantee does not make sense as there is no weight one would perfectly measure progress within thirty days.

To sum up, people should accept the fact that every supplement will work differently on different individuals.  It is very natural for people to go for a supplement simply because it is said to relieve their condition but a wise customer should take her time researching on the supplement and looking at the individual ingredients. There is also need to consult a doctor before taking the supplement as he/she will be able to consult appropriately. If one can control the symptoms using the natural method such as a diet, then they should not use the supplement so as to avoid over-relying on it as it comes with some side effects.


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