Top 10 Popular Health and Science Majors

Skewing your studies towards health and science, means that you are basically after a number of the rosiest careers in healthcare industry, from healthcare administration to surgery. Medical science majors basically offer pre-professional coursework, preparing students for the professional medical school in the long run. Additionally, the world’s job market can never have enough health professionals since healthcare is an integral part of our everyday living. This has prompted most economies to increase the salaries of professionals in this industry, while improving their working conditions and expanding their job perks. Here are top 10 health and science in the world today.



nursing careersThis major suits individuals who are compassionate and can withstand the heartbreaks normally experienced in the world of healthcare. The course will help the student gains kills in evaluating, diagnosing and help in treating some minor health problems patients have. The good to this course is that you will get a chance to work with some of the ever-evolving ultra-sophisticated technology in the medicine world. The course starts by qualifying with a traditional science and liberal arts points in the first year, then proceed to clinical rotation in medical facilities; hospitals and clinics, then sit for certification examinations before being officially registered. A nursing major opens fields such as neurology, oncology, pediatrics and obstetrics.


General Psychology

This course involves the study of specific human behavior especially on the mind. Subjects such as cognition, behavior, development, personality and abnormal psychology are studied, opening room for students to pursue a career as a licensed counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist which can be backed up easily with an advanced degree. Through this, a student will be able to solve a number of behavioral problems experienced by their patients, setting them up to be flexible when it comes to fitting in the legal and teaching sectors.


Speech Pathology

This course helps students to understand the reasons behind communication disorders hence proceed to evaluation, prevention and treatment of this problem. This course prepares someone intending to work in schools for the disabled and paramedical institutions where patients with communication disorders are most likely to be found. To qualify, the student must demonstrate the ability to read, write and speak fluently and show that they are free off voice, speaking and hearing problems. In order to get accredited by the state, one is required to show competency in speech pathology and audiology, hence opening careers as an early intervention specialist, psychologist and speech teacher among others. University of Pittsburgh has a reputable speech pathology department.



While global medical companies invent new solutions to health problems, more and more pharmacist are required in order to help in offering breakthrough solutions for this medicines. Local representatives, usually pharmacists are hired in order to give one-on-one feedback on how the new prescription drugs are working on certain patients. However this course usually takes up to 5 years, with the major preparing the student on how to work with patients in healthcare settings. In the long run, one may end up being a pharmacist, research scientist, pathologist and physician.


Physical Therapy

With the ever rising surgical cases in the world, physical therapists are now in demand in order to help patients recuperate from surgeries. This course will expose the student to different health care settings; hospitals, nursing homes or even client homes when need be. An advanced degree maybe required in the long run, even after a satisfactory completion of the course and registration by the medical body in the country. Part of the course’s outline includes an 18 week internship, hence opening room for careers as rehabilitation therapist, massage therapists, chiropractor or gerontologist.


Public Health

Public health concentrates on allowing students to seek an understanding on the social sciences and health of the masses. This course will help the student develop the expertise necessary when it comes to addressing a number of complex issues touching the health sectors, hence recommend policy creation to help in necessitating reforms in the sector, intervene in healthcare administration deadlocks while ensuring communities get top quality health care systems in the long run. This course skews students towards career paths such as health education consultants, community health experts and health policy and administration managers.


Dental Hygiene

This major basically helps the student to understand the dynamics behind oral health; procedures, principle and practices touching on this filed. The first two years require the student to work under a trained dentist, who will supervise the student all through the course. In addition, the student will be exposed to a number of dental hygiene practices such as cardiology, current dental techniques, periodontal care and pharmacology that will prepare them for employment. Additional courses such as psychology, microbiology and chemistry, may come in handy when it comes to opening careers such as being an oral surgeon, dental therapist and dental hygiene which are part of this sector.


Sports Science

This major prepares students to be future exercise instructors in various sporting disciplines. In addition, it will not restrict the individual to treating sports related complication only, as they can also help people with health issues when it comes to going about their daily physical activities. An extensive understanding of the human physiology will be done under this major, since one will be required to work on a number of patients with different body physiques in the long run. Specializations in fields like cardiac rehabilitation, personal training, strength and condition or fitness will be required by the student, which will be summed up by a research internship, hence opening careers as athletic trainers, corporate wellness leader, personal training and aerobics instructor.


Health Record Administration

This major helps students to understand the management and organization of medical information and retrieval systems in different healthcare settings. A substantial familiarity with a number of biological sciences is required in order to help the student understand anatomy, psychology, mathematics, hospital law, medical terminology and physiology. Internships at hospitals will offer excellent field experiences hence preparing one to be; personnel administrator, health care supervisor or an admitting clerk.


Occupational Therapy

This degree will help people in gaining the basic skills vital in daily living, helping people regain their social, physiological and physical ability. Social sciences like psychology, biology, physiology and anatomy will be studied, enabling one land a license to practice in the following careers; health care administrator, occupational therapy aid, prosthetics or public health educator.